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SE12 / SE12D Slicer

... A true all-rounder ...
... Handles any challenge with ease ... Bizerba SE12 Slicer


Easy to operate and easy to clean.

Manual slicer with a performance profile proven a thousand times.

Suitable for heavy product and firm vegetables.




Gravity feed slicer for manual and automatic carriage operation.

Bizerba SE12D Slicer With servo support to be able to cope with the challenges of professional continuous operation. The qualities of the SE 12 D become best apparent when slicing large, heavy products such as mortadella, extra large hams and cheese which due to a low design can be effortlessly positioned on the machine's carriage.

Three different carriage stroke lengths can be selected for carriage speeds suitable for sensitive products. Welcome extras: Also available are a vegetable hopper and a portion scale for weighing and slicing in a single operation.


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