Shop mincer LW22 / LW82

The compact table mincer with a feeding funnel of Ø 52 mm for shops. It is applicable everywhere else fresh minced meat is needed in portions. It is very simple to clean and operate and available in Enterprise or Unger cutting system. The LW82 can also be equipped optionally with an 5-part cutting set.


Table mincer TWK32 / TWK98

The TWK is the next bigger model after our shop mincer. With its feeding funnel of 65 x 65 mm and its bigger bowl volume, it is very suitable for small butcheries and branches. This mincer can also be equipped with a 22 liter bowl and a increased motor capacity.


Manual Mincer   SW100

The movable floor model mincer is the powerful machine for producing fresh minced meat. Standard equipped with 2 castors and 2 bump rubber and equipped with a 45 liter bowl. The feeding funnel is 95 x 95 mm. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a 64 liter bowl.