Perfect Fry

Fried food generates large profits from direct sales and also from its ability to draw additional customers to your business.  The Perfect Fry unique design enables it to be used in various small space saving environments.
The Perfect Fry has an in-built filtration and exhaust system and is fully enclosed with a small retail footprint. The unit is fully automated and simple to use, ensuring a perfect frying result every time. Hot chips, nuggets, squid rings and more in 3 minutes – quick and easy!  Minimal food waste as product is taken from the freezer straight into machine.


As a bigger unit with the ability to cook 1.5kg of product per cycle, ideal for larger turnover sites.  An enclosed unit, with no external venting or exhaust system needed, it will still fit neatly into any environment and like the 5700 model it cooks hot food without the smells.   Its modular design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The PFA 7200 has an automated delivery system:

  • There are no baskets which means staff simply drop frozen food into the unit, press the button and the food once cooked, drops into the tray below – simple
  • The PFA 7200 cooks continuously generating large volumes of food in a short period of time.
  • 9 programmable presets



The automated unit cooks approximately 1kg of product per cycle producing a large output over a short period of time and the modular design means it is simple to clean.

The basket automatically lowers into the oil, cooks and when its completed lifts and beeps to indicate the process has finished.



Product Brochure: Perfect Fry