Bake Off Ovens


Backmaster EB 30 Oven

eloma-backmaster-30-ovenIt takes the best quality ingredients and a lot of effort to produce tasty bakery products. Series 30 ovens by Eloma help you to demonstrate perfect craftsmanship and produce outstanding bakery products, even in small quantities, in the presence of your customers.

Do you value top quality workmanship, attractive design, optimal user comfort and simple-to-clean products? Then Eloma ovens are the perfect solution. The oven made entirely of stainless steel and with a brightly lit baking chamber is bound to attract customers’ attention in any shop. Enjoy the greatest flexibility when selecting the individual design of your future Backmaster.

Door hinged to the right or left, fully automatic sensor control or manual comfort control, water reservoir or direct water connection – your needs take top priority at Eloma.

The inside glass pane in the door folds open to make cleaning easier. Once the baking process is complete, the door opens automatically to prevent unwanted additional baking.

Eloma Backmaster EB 30XL Oven

eloma-backmaster-30xl-ovenPeople want freshly baked products around the clock – you need a flexible solution. The EB 30 XL is an all-round talent for large trays with the standard bakery dimensions 600 x 400 millimetres. Allowing you the best possible response to whatever happens to be in demand at the time.

Consistent product quality, the same good baking results every time and freshness around the clock are your goals? Then you are looking at just the right product. The reversible fan wheel, the programme memory and Eloma’s dual humidity generators all guarantee evenly browned bakery products fresh from the oven.

Fitting an appliance with its own water reservoir eliminates the need for an on-site water connection, giving you more flexibility to choose where you want to place the oven. The lid of the reservoir is removable, making it easier to clean.