BS38 Bread Slicer

…Powerful for halving, quartering or single slices…
…Perfect for long and round loaves…

bizerba-bs38-bread-slicerSlices bread up to a diameter/width of 30 cm and length of 38 cm. At a slice thickness exactly as desired by the customer. Fast, hygienic and more flexible than any multi-blade slicer

Technical Data

  • Blade diameter: 250 mm
  • Max. product size (W x H x L): 300 x 150 x3850 mm
  • Slice thickness adjustment: 3-30 mm infinitely
  • Slices per min: 60-100 slices
  • Max. required space (W x H x D): 950 x 660 x 450 mm
  • Max. required space with bag holder (W x H x D): 990 x 660 x 535 mm
  • Additional equipment: Mounting stand in stainless steel


Bread slicer Agiloline B100

Universal bread slicer for halving, quartering and individual slices with variable slice thickness

With the Agiloline B100, long and round loaves can be cut exactly and very hygienically since operation is oil-free – flexible slice thickness as preferred by the customer.

Area of Use

  • Easily slices warm, soft bread, even hard and particularly thick dark bread crust and whole grain crust
  • Clean slicing of whole nuts in the dough


  • Self-service program with sophisticated safety technology to protect shopper from injuries
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to its compact design, low-noise operation and common household AC power connection


Product Brochure: Breadslicers